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Scuba-diving can take you to faraway places, but it can also be fairly expensive, but even when you're strapped for cash, this doesn't mean that you have to give up your favorite pastime.

There are plenty of affordable places to dive, so there's no need to smash open that piggy bank. Let's take a look at five budget dive destinations that won't break the bank.

The UK 

For our UK audiences, how about something more accessible and only a drive away, there are so many great places to dive in the UK including scapa flow and the Farn Islands, or even just support your local dive centre.

What we lack in tropical clear waters, we make up for in reps and cheeky seals, check out our article best places to dive in the UK.

Bay Islands Honduras 

Tucked into the corner of the Caribbean is the Bay Islands. the weather for diving is fantastic all year round with great visibility. as part of the second largest Barrier Reef, in the world it offers a great range of reefs wool sponges and corals. it's even home to manta rays sea turtles and whale sharks.


Southeast Asia is very affordable for scuba diving, koh tai is known as one of the cheapest places to scuba dive in the world. It is second only to Australia for annual dive certifications, but don't let the low prices for you, it has a wealth of marine life including barracudas, turtles, and whale sharks.

Cozumel Mexico 

This is Mexico's largest Caribbean island, Cozumel is well known for its affordability for the average diver as well as offering cheap food and flights. You will be sure to find some great cheap packages and it offers crystal-clear visibility, with gentle currents.

 The Red Sea in Egypt

The Red Sea was featured in our article dives before you die and for good reason. Egypt has been immensely popular for scuba divers, for not only its rich and diverse marine life but also its affordability, it offers warm waters diverse marine life and war wreck, due to the unrest in the country tourism has dropped, however this does mean that you can find a great deal.

So if you do your own research you'll find some really cheap deals to go diving where's the cheapest play you've been diving.

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