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Comfort is the key to freediving and to have a pleasant experience. The freediving equipment should be as comfortable as possible.

There is a wide range of equipment and accessories and brands that novice freedivers can use, depending on the location and type of freediving to be practiced.

Underwater kinetics Hangair 

This is basically a giant coat hanger for your wetsuit or your dry suits, and big shoulders so that means that fo your wetsuit it's not going to crease, but also it has a built in fan . so you hook it up and then you plug it in and basically it sucks in air from the surroundings, and then pumps it down through your suit so that means that it dries much quicker, so as much more is just nicer sort of getting into that suit for a second dive, if your dry suit has flooded it just means that you can Nestle to clean it out, it stays fresher as well, and you can leave your suit kind of hanging up on it it's gonna keep it in there sort of a nicer condition.

That's very popular especially around this that's always a good gift for the scuba diver in your life.

Waterproof Ultima dry glove systems 

We use these on my dry suit.

They're basically made from the specs from SciTech and basically if you have a dry suit with SciTech silicone cuff seals, which basically if any dry suit that has silicone cuffs, pretty much 99% of them have the the sort of that silicone oval ring. you just take that out and whack this in and then you have a dry glove system.

Very reliable very easy to use even with gloves and just tough I like them I can definitely recommend them, they've made my sort of cold water diving a lot nicer instead of neoprene gloves you've got ours of a thin dry gloves .

So waterproof Ultima I definitely recommend.

Lip shield

Another thing for cold water diving looks small this is basically a lip shield, so this comes from Apex it sits over your mouthpiece, and on your arms of the second stage and it just covers your lips. it does make a world of difference especially in very cold waters it kind of acts a little bit like a wet suit it traps. certain layer of water just over your lips stops it from moving around and just it keeps it a little bit warmer, so after a long cold dive these make a world of difference they're very cheap. you can fit them to most second stages some is a little bit awkward, because they have slightly larger sort of mouthpieces on them. but you can adapt them to it to fit most most mouthpieces .

Ist aluminium pointer

Another simple one this is an ist aluminium pointer simple device, it's useful for all sorts of things one thing you don't have to gets quite so close to something nasty, you can really sort of point things out. you've got measuring sort of marks on it as well in both metric, and imperial and it's aluminium so they never have to worry about it rusting, and another sort of quite useful use for it is that you can brace yourself just a little bit without having to touch, anything with
your hands risk getting stung or damaging the reef. just get to a sort of sandy section or something that's definitely a rock and they just kind of rest yourself, if there's a little bit of current and you want to see something in a crack instead of actually touching it with your hands, you can touch it with the aluminium when it's less likely to damage yourself or the environment.

Universa optical frame

If you require corrective lenses, the true sir they call it's a universa optical frame, and is pretty Universal if you have a single lens mask that doesn't have that kind of Ridge in the center, this will fit pretty much any mask and it's a real quick and easy way of fitting corrective lenses to your mask without having to swap lenses over or some cement new ones in.

Now it's very basic it only corrects for the spherica reading if you have any other sort of problems with your eyes that mean correcting, then they can struggle. but if you have a basic sort of correction requirements very simple to to install we've got all these little arms that are around that it's kind of hold it in the right sort of position, and yeah they do fit most masks is a very clever little gadget, and they don't up neither which is quite nice.

Nautilus marine GPS

Another one is for safety so this is the Nautilus marine GPS so this basically it's it'll sit in a pocket, and hopefully you'll never have to use it. but if something terrible should happen you surface and your boat isn't there instead of just using your DSMB and hoping that someone can see it you can open this little guy up, and sort of release this and 10 a and then press a button and it will broadcast your location to certain boats in the area ,and you'll pop up on their GPS and if they're looking for you then they know exactly where to find.

You it's just one of those things you I Drive I have it and not need it than need it and not have it it's. pretty small it's waterproof so it's made for scuba divers you can take it down to – most recreational depths,  it's just that little sort of safety feature that if someone's looking for you it's gonna make their life a lot easier and you're gonna get found that much faster.

Bit of a shameless plug

The final one is a bit of a shameless plug but we made them for a reason so we have here at simply scuba we've made our own range of premium cases, so these are semi-rigid cases. this is the one for the regulators but we also make it for your accessories to a small little square box and then one for your mass to keep your masks safe.

Semi-rigid so they're going to resist crushing like a lot of traditional sort of regulator bags , that you put stuff in it can take quite a lot of force so it's going to protect your regulators, it's a decent size you're not going to have to coil them up quite so much try and cram your regulators in, there's plenty of space inside and then on the inside we even put some padding and some packaging, sort of padding on the inside so that's going to protect your regulators from sort of moving around, you can store it you can stack it makes your life a lot easier just protecting your stuff and i looks good on the die site.

There are some of our favorites there were in no particular order, but there's plenty of accessories out there, I could have gone from the sublime to the extreme and include reef hooks and all that kind of stuff .but these things were stuff that just kind of stood out for me that I can definitely recommend them there that little bit better than some other things that are on the market and they're just smart useful accessories.


The basic lanyard is your most fundamental piece of equipment, you ca attach it to a torch a camera, or whatever you need to hold it close to your body. you attach one end to you piece equipment the other end get wrapped around your wrist, and that you cannot be separated.

You can still use a torch but you can let go of it an it will just dangle below your arm, so that way if you drop it it's not the en of the world.

Coiled lanyards 

Foil lanyards allow you to hold your gauges or your camera close to your body, but if you want to pull it away, you can undo a pinch clip and a spring coil means that you can bring it away from your body and use it freely, and then return it back by doing up that finger clip.


Retractors have a spring-loaded lanyard, you attach one end to your BCD the other end to your camera or gauges and the spring-loaded line means that you can use them pull them away from your body, but the spring will retract it and keep it nice and close to your body.

A lot of them also have locking mechanisms, so that you can extend it lock it in position so that way you don't have to fight that spring to use your camera.


A great way to communicate underwater, you can write down message just using a basic pencil and they usually have some fun a lanyard to clip it off onto a d-ring.

 Wrist slate 

Curved slate that have a strap that attach onto your forearm, they usually have multiple leaves or sides that you can write messages on, you can go back to them later it also gives you more writing space to write down more complex information.

On a lot o them you also get some pre-printed messages, so you can communicate much faster


Pointers like this one a great way of pointing something out without getting too close to it, especially if they're venomous they're also a great way of bracing yourself to take a picture without touching the reef, and touching the roof of your hand can damage yourself and the reef a lot of the time.


Small strobes like this one are very handy to identify yourself, if it's dark or if you have poor visibility. you can also attach it onto a piece of equipment if you want to come back to it later like a sage cylinder, clip it off it makes it much more obvious and much more visible in poor visibility.

 Drift hook 

If you want to stop and enjoy the view or take a picture of something small, then attach the hook onto a rock something sturdy, and then the other end to a d-ring on your BCD, and that will hold you in a position.

The only thing you have to make sure on is that you're attaching it onto something secure and not living so it has to be a rock or something similar.

 Tank banger

Tank bangers are a simple device that wraps around your cylinder, you pull it away from the cylinder let go of it and the elastic band is going
to bring that right back to the cylinder, they hear clunking noise to get your buddies attention.


Shakers are a handy way of getting hold of your buddies attention, simply remove the
magnet and then inside is a small weight, that will just get your buddies attention while stir in the water, that small bit of metal is going to shake that cousin forwards which is really
easy to hear under the water. put the magnetic cap back on and it doesn't make any further


Regulator necklaces allow you to hold your alternate second-stage just below your neck, which is a quick and easy way to find it. preferred by primary donate regulator setups, you donate your primary regulator that in your mouth and then you yourself swap to your second stage just below your neck.


Airhorn connects to your low-pressure inflator hose and then to your BCD inflator, they use air from your cylinder to create a very loud high-pitched noise which means you can be found in the water much easier.

If you're separated from your boat and they can't quite see you a quick blast from this will get their attention.

Second stage adapter 

These adaptors mean that you can have the hose from your second stage come out at virtually any orientation, like this one that has a 90 degree angle this is great for siz mouth and twin set diving, but you can get a whole range of angles and you can even get omni swivels, which means that the hose can come out at any end


Wet notes are much like a slate except inside instead of having a hard piece of rigid plastic you have individual pages called Li, you still write on it with a traditional pencil but you have more space to write down complex notes and dive plans. they usually come in some kind of nylon cord or a cover to keep them together and to keep them safe.

Pressure gauge 

Pressure gauges like this one means that you can quickly check how much gases in your cylinder without attaching your regulators and pressurizing them. you quickly attach it to the cylinder valve turn it on see how much gas is in the tank and then you can take it up quick and easy to know exactly how much gas in your tank before you go for your dive.

 Buddy line

Buddy lines are a way of effectively attaching yourself to your buddy so need of you get lost or separated. inside the pouch you have a long webbing line on the end of it will have a bolt snapped so you attach that on to your buddy the other end has a and all crap hold of the handle. clip it off on to either your buddy or into a shop line if there's strong currents you don't get separated.

Spring straps

Spring  straps or bungee straps or even just plain old fin straps, are always a useful
accessory to hold in your dive kit bag. spring straps make your life a lot easier putting your fins on and taking them off after a dive, and it's always worth having this spare

Bolt snap

Bolt snaps come in a range of sizes and shapes, you either get single Enders like this one or double Enders but they're a handy way to attach items onto a d-ring and clip it off.

 Gear marker 

Gear marker is a handy little way to personalize your kit, so it doesn't get mixed up with
anyone else in. its three-dimensional so it's more like a gel that hardens so it's raised as well comes in lots of different colors, you can write whatever you want your equipment to personalize this

 Tool kit

Now your equipment will need some kind of maintenance and typically it happens on the dive site, so you will need specific tools to help you either fix or repair your equipment whilst you're at the dive site. so that was a quick look at different diving accessories but there are plenty more out there let us know in the comments below what kind of accessory you use whilst your dive.

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