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Insta360 has recently released its latest camera action model, the One R, with its derivatives 1inch and Twins. And this camera clearly stands out from the competition. The camera is modular which allows to switch between lenses and to change the layout of the camera (screen direction, side of the lens) at will. The 1inch sensor of the 1inch version, designed in collaboration with Leica, allows to further increase the image quality, especially in low light conditions.

Camera features

The One R is composed of 3 elements. The exchangeable camera module, the battery and the touch screen. The camera module connects to the battery and the display and can be removed and replaced the other way around.

For example, the screen can be put on the same side as the lens for our friends the vloggers. All this in 2 movements and a few seconds.

Despite the presence of several separate elements, the entire camera remains quite small and quite in the standards of action cameras. And for good reason, each module fits in the palm of your hand. Its lightness and small size makes it recommended to use it with a selfie pole to avoid the risk of putting fingers on the lens while holding the camera. 

The camera is water resistant up to 5 meters deep. Enough for filming at the pool or under a heavy rain shower. However, regular scuba divers will opt for the Dive Case, a waterproof case that allows to dive up to 60 meters deep. The case is not included with the camera.

A modular camera

The ability to change lenses on the fly on a camera action is innovative and pleasant to use. Unlike a camera, changing lens is not to adapt to the distance of the subject, but rather to choose the angle of view that lends itself best, a bit like in the movies.

This can be for a narrower or wider angle, or for the 1inch module which improves quality. You can also change the camera angle digitally, on the screen. This will crop the image, but fortunately the One R is designed to use the cropped pixels to improve image stability. 

The mobile application

Although you can easily use the camera by yourself via the screen, it is more advantageous to use the dedicated mobile application. With the 360° lens, the application allows you to follow a filmed subject in real time. That is to say, the camera will make sure that the object or person you have designated (by remaining pressed on the screen) is constantly centered on the image. 

The application also includes a rather successful editing function. It looks more complete than most of the competing offerings. You can very easily cut, add filters, paste clips one by one and so on. The features are not extremely advanced either, but you can quickly produce beautiful montages.

A very interesting feature though: Flashcut. This is an option that uses artificial intelligence to select the most interesting parts of your videos and automatically produce a montage, all based on a theme that you choose.

The 1inch Edition

Generally speaking, a small camera involves a small sensor. But this is where the 1inch Edition stands out since, as its name suggests, the module has a 1-inch sensor, or 2.5cm. This allows to capture more light than a standard lens, and thus to obtain a better quality at low light levels and a better depth of field.

The Leica module captures video at 5K at 30 fps or 4K at 60 fps. The guarantee for extremely sharp and smooth video. The module has a 14.4mm lens, giving vivid colors and sharp details. An excellent quality for camera action.

Multiple functionalities

Many features are to be discovered here and there, for an ever simpler experience and ever better results. The camera offers excellent image stabilization.

Whether you are on a bike, on a boat or on the open sea, the horizon is stable and shaking is almost invisible. The 360 module allows you to make your selfie boom invisible! or to film in bullet time (momentary slow motion). Time-lapse, slow motion, night video, or color enhancement effects are included. 

Accessories are available to further enhance the experience, such as the Dive Case we've seen, an improved battery, or a microphone.

Conclusion and prices

The Insta360 One R camera is the camera action that can do everything you imagine and much more. Ergonomic and powerful, especially in its 1inch Edition, it will allow you to get sharp, fluid, stable and colorful images, even at night! All of which will allow you to capture your excursions in the best possible way. You will be able to acquire it for a relatively affordable price for the market, which is 489,99€ for the 360 version, and 599,99€ for the 1inch Edition.

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