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Today, pollution is a global problem. It impacts many ecosystems and also affects even the deepest seabed. A point that is very often highlighted is the presence of plastic in the oceans but also on the surface. However, although much of the pollution of the seabed comes from this plastic waste, many other factors are responsible.

To remedy this or at least help reduce its impact, various seabed clean-up operations have been carried out around the world.

In France

First in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, the association SOS Grand Bleu carried out an operation in 2019 to clean up the funds in the morning. About sixty volunteer divers equipped with their wetsuits and oxygen tanks took part. They collected several hundred kilos of waste including toothbrushes, glass, cigarette butts and plastic waste. The president of the association specifies moreover that 70% of the waste collected was plastic.

In addition, the Arcachon diving club created the first NSA which means Underwater Cleaning Arcachon the same year. 170 divers mobilized and collected glass bottles, plastic, cans, fishing equipment but also sunglasses. The divers were spread out on different sites of the town from the main beach to the Arcachon basin. In total, one and a half skip was filled with garbage.

The objective of the organizers of these operations is to raise public awareness about underwater cleaning in order to preserve the environment. For many passionate divers, these operations are necessary but often not enough. It is necessary to educate the public and encourage them to avoid the use of single-use plastic as much as possible and above all not to dispose of it in marine environments.


Project AWARE is a non-profit organization that mobilizes and works with volunteer divers to clean the seabed. It invites divers around the world to collect and bring back the garbage they find underwater.

Since its inception, the organization has recruited several thousand divers in many different countries to participate in these operations. These operations have brought a very large amount of waste to the surface.

Project AWARE supports divers and encourages them to take action in their own communities to protect the seabed. They focus on implementing sustainable change in two main areas: underwater waste and shark conservation. The organization also aims to raise public awareness of the problem of ocean pollution and make everyone aware of the scourge.

To carry out its project, the association is committed to providing tools and educational resources that help understand the problem and push for action to protect the oceans. Several actions are therefore put in place.

One example is the creation of a committed community of diving leaders and ocean advocates via platforms such as Facebook. The online eco-network of the AWARE project has also been created.

The association has built the first global interactive map used to monitor the state of underwater pollution in different areas around the world. Data and images from divers are used to map these areas and to update this map regularly.

In addition, volunteer organizers of local underwater waste surveys are provided with equipment by the organization.

The association also works in partnership with PADI dive stores that commit to financially support the AWARE project.

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